Our Mission

Our mission is, through our team and the partners we work with, to establish industry best practices and to contribute to the growth of an intrinsically global marketplace in which Portugal is increasingly a desirable and inescapable destination. Fulfilling our mission depends, first and foremost, on the personalized follow-up of all our customers and building trusting relationships with all our partners. By doing so, we ensure that industry best practices are respected and that our clients get the most profitable and secure investments with the requisite quality.

Our Vision

Investaureum aims to be recognized as one of the key players in providing specialized consulting services to individuals wishing to become Portuguese citizens and obtain a second home in our country. We want to enable and improve the investment in Golden Visas of all investors wishing to bet in our country and raise the standards of this market segment to an even higher level, making Portugal a top destination worldwide.

Investaureum's corporate responsabilty

Our business model fully respects the assumptions of sustainable development. Our procedures are guided by a business ethic based on the transparency, openness and confidentiality of all our actions. Everything we do is driven by the need to adapt to a constantly changing globalized world without losing sight of maintaining the high standards of the industry. Our path is guided by excellence in what we do and in being useful for all our clients and partners.

Our Partners:

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