Portuguese Golden Visa

The Golden Visa Program is one of the fastest and more reliable choices for foreign investors or third-country nationals who want to be granted a residence permit, through investment activities conducted within Portugal territory. The main benefits of the program are the various choices of investments, a quick and unbureaucratic procedure and, lastly, a minimal requirement for residency. This makes the portuguese Golden Visa the fastest-growing investment immigration program in Europe.

Who is Golden Visa intended for?

The portuguese Golden Visa Program is intended for all third-country nationals who exercise an investment activity, either personally or through a company incorporated in Portugal or in another EU State and having a permanent establishment in Portugal.

Why to invest in Portugal

The Portugal Golden Visa program has proven to be one of the most popular schemes in Europe, attracting many investors due to its flexibility and the benefits provided.
Since its launching in 2012 the Golden Visa program has been actively promoted internationally by the Portuguese Government, allowing the investors to obtain a residency permit, which may include its family.

Real Estate Investment

The property market in Portugal like many southern European countries suffered with the credit crisis and prices in 2015 are typically 20% – 30% below their peak. However there is a clear turn in the market and property above the €500,000 investment visa limit is seeing huge demand particularly in the capital, Lisbon. Investors buying into the real estate market in Portugal for the Golden Visa now have excellent prospects for capital gain in the coming years. Advice is recommended for serious buyers as there are clear distinctions between typical vacation homes on the coast in Portugal and city properties such as Lisbon.

Residence permit for the whole family under option of family regroup.

Portuguese citizenship if all requirements are met

Access to the law and courthouse resources

Work legally in Portugal

Residence Permit, eligible to permanent residence permit

Access to healthcare system.

Travel visa-free arround the Schengen Zone

Advantages of buying real estate before construction

Do you know that there are multiple advantages and considerable benefits to buy a property in a plant? We list here the tree main advantages of buying a property in plant, namely:

New property

The first advantage of an acquisition of this kind is the adaptibility of the property to the essential requirements of the contemporary lifestyle, with the inclusion of modern materials and equipment. This type of acquisition allows you to invest in all the modern amenities without having to worry about the installation, maintenance and later updating of these basic equipments.

Appreciation of the Property

Our top priority is to ensure a high efficiency and profitability to the investors participating in this scheme. So in order to achieve this goal the acquisition in plant tends to be more advantageous in the short, medium and long-term. The fact is that the property tends to appreciate during its construction, which, on the other hand, ensures your return on the investment made.

Property warranty

The property's construction is totally guaranteed by tools and solutions especially devised for this kind of investment. The investment is always insured and guaranteed.

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