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Portuguese passport is more powerful than the US. and Russia.

As regards passports, Asia maintains power: Japan, Singapore and South Korea continue to lead the list of documents that are most useful for travel, without it being necessary to obtain a visa or search for documentation at the border.
According to the most recent ranking of the international consultancy Henley & Partners, the citizens of these countries, who occupy the first one, have open doors in 189 countries. It is followed later, and in a solitary way, by Germany, which, after its citizens have lost the right to visit Uzbekistan without a visa, now occupies the second place on this list, with less an easier access country than the three leading Asian countries. . The third place is shared by five countries - Denmark, Finland, France, Italy and Sweden - with 187 countries, followed by Spain and Luxembourg (186). Portugal ranks fifth, followed by Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, and open ports in 185 countries. The United Kingdom and the United States continue to move away from the first place they occupied in 2015. According to the company, the fall of the United Kingdom is not directly related to Brexit, but is due to the escalation of the three Asian countries that lead. For its part, the United States occupies the sixth position with Ireland, Greece, Canada and Belgium, which means that they can visit 184 countries. In the last position of the table are Iraq and Afghanistan, whose citizens can only travel to 30 countries without a visa. In the exactly previous step is Somalia and Syria (32 countries) Among the countries in Latin America, those with more open doors are Chile (176 countries), Brazil and Argentina (171), Mexico (158) and Uruguay (155). It is followed by Costa Rica (150), Paraguay (143), Panama (142), Honduras and El Salvador (137), Venezuela and Guatemala (135), Peru (134), Nicaragua (128), Colombia (126), Ecuador (93) and Bolivia (78). The citizens of Russia can enter without a visa in 118 countries.
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